Attack of the Laser Wand-Equipped Arcade Machines! In VR (or not)! Don't get exterminated! Explode everything! Run like a pigeon, 'cause why not!

- in room-scale VR, move like a pigeon and use right controller to shoot lasers
- on PC, use WASD/arrows for tank controls and mouse click to shoot
- on mobile, only VR mode is supported
- on Cardboard/GearVR/old Oculus/others... well, it should work somehow, but I have no idea if it really does!

When in doubt, insert coin. Haven't tested the VR support in the latest build, so scream at me if it doesn't work!

Logo by Agata Nawrot

Made at Disco:VR Game Jam with A-Frame, Allegro.js and jQuery, because I could.


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Hah! that was unexpectedly amusing. Good job!