Ringtones ringtones ringtones ringtones ringtones ringtones. And IrDA.

You have to be the first to get all the hot new trendy telephone ringtones in the forest, by exchanging them via the infrared link. You need to stay in place and not get knocked out by others! Local multiplayer for up to 8 players. (I mean, it would be if it was finished. But there's a theme song instead for you to enjoy! :D)

Jam Site: 
Poznan Game Jam

Jam year: 

ART - Cardboard Challenge
AUDIO - Write The Theme Tune, Sing The Theme Tune
CODE - Upside down
DESIGN - Feathered Friends

Installation Instructions: 
It's basically non-playable, so no need to bother xD Check out the theme song though.


Agata Nawrot - programming & lyrics
Sebastian Krzyszkowiak - art & music

Mikołaj Kuaku Markowski - saxophone & triangle
Paweł Pan Mors Radej - mix & master