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Sausage Dog Run! is based on a well-known premise that dogs enjoy eating sushi while wearing an eerie costume.

Naturally, sushi-loving dogs happen to frequent Japanese parades. This time, a
certain dog happens to wear a festive outfit – that of a sausage. Led by
his food affection, the sausage dog chases sushi rolls and rushes
between parade attendees: fortune cats, geishas, sumo wrestlers &
dragons. The more sushi eaten on the way, the faster the race gets.

Easy navigation, Japanese-inspired visuals and music as well as an authentic
sense of speed make Sausage Dog Run! an engaging endless runner with a
hint of absurd.

Wojciech Janas - Lead Design
Natalia Dąbrowska - Design
Sebastian "dos" Krzyszkowiak - Programming
Kamil Niemczura - 2D Graphics
Andrei Isakov - Animation
Norbert Płoszaj - Menu/UI Graphics
Sylwia Świerczek-Gubała - Music
Jarosław Kisiołek - Additional Programming

Warning: This game uses a non-FLOSS engine (Defold).

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Code licenseGNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (LGPL)


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